Monday, June 8, 2009

i love him

To celebrate our second anniversary, Peter and I took a little weekend trip.
On Saturday morning, we woke up, packed our bags, got some snacks, put the Dodger magnet on the car (of course we have one), and made our way to the stadium. We received amazing tickets in a suite right next to the press box and enjoyed the game from there. I ate my weight in popcorn (which is hard to light weight) and watched the Boys in Blue pull out a fabulous win in extra innings.

Oh....and I achieved my goal. Yours truly was on the big screen. TWICE. Just me. It was fabulous!

Another highlight was seeing Westside Rental man up close and personal. Have any of you seen him before? He is at USC football games, Laker games, Dodger games, basically any and every sporting event in LA. He is hilarious. He is over the top. He is on you tube. This is him.

After the game we headed down the 5 to Anaheim. After a yummy dinner on Saturday, we spent the next day at Disneyland!

The weekend was great. Time spent with my man always is.

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Olive Oyl said...

So glad you had a good time!!! We are sooooooooo jealous you went to that game!!!

Love you friend, can't wait to see you this week! I miss you the way a fat girl misses her waist line...