Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i want to ride my bicycle

Friends. Cute bikes with baskets. Breezy evening.
Perfect combination for a bike ride through the streets of my small town.

Our rides.

The scenery.

The crew.

Who needs fancy parks with bike trails? I'll take old barns, corn fields, and almond orchards any day.

Thanks girls!


Angie said...

this would have been the best bike ride EVER had it ended with someone getting a dipped cone.

toni said...

haha! I got one later that night. However, I would not recommend trying to ride your bike while holding a dipped cone. It is not a good combination, especially with the current state of your wrist :)

Olive Oyl said...

My child screamed the whole way home because I refused to give him my shake. I was like, "you snooze, you loose, brotha..." I guess we'll be back next week for another ride so the kid can get himself a dipped cone. I mean, even if Auntie Toni isn't going to partake in one, he should at least get one, right!??!

kathleen said...

you girls are cute!

Katie said...

I love those bike baskets! Where are they from?

toni said...

Thanks katie! Mine is from Action Sports. I really like the size (big) and that it can be taken off easily and carried with the handle.