Friday, February 6, 2009

unexpected gift

Peter's birthday celebration continued tonight, with a great dinner out with our family. We were so happy his grandparents were able to come down, see our house, and meet our Scully (they are two dog lovers). The highlight of my night (besides spending time with everyone of course) was the totally unexpected gift I received from Peter's grandparent.

After Peter opened his they said they had an early bday present for me. Now this was very surprising, considering my birthday is in November. And I am known to ask for things, but not months and months in advance. To my delight, I opened up the boxes and two beautiful plates from Anthropologie were inside! I have been eying these plates for a while (they were actually on my Christmas list)and almost bought them the other day. They are beautiful and lovely and colorful and and I am going to combine them with white and cream plates I have been collecting to start a plate wall in my front room.
I cant wait.

something like this. the start of my collection. but not on rose colored carpet (ugh). on the wall

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma! I love them!


vanessa said...

we were JUST talking about these! so exciting. you're one of those people now... others will see your blog and the pictures of your completed plate wall and say "those are so cute but HOW did they collect all those; where are they from!?"

Alicia said...

Awww, they are so beautiful Toni. I love the one with the butterfly. The wall is coming together nicely, once you pick it up off the carpet :-)