Tuesday, February 24, 2009

first curtain

This past weekend I finally made good use out of the fabric I bought MONTHS ago. Katie had been graciously offering her sewing tutorial services for a long time and I finally took advantage of them. And I am so happy I did.

First revelation. Sewing a curtain is not as hard as I though it was. Dare I say the actual sewing was quite easy. The measuring and figuring out proportions was the most difficult.

Second revelation. Once you sew something, you want to sew more. I am seeing seat cushions and pillows in my near future. But dont worry, I wont get too crazy and start sewing my own underwear or anything.

Third revelation. Fabric stores do not have to be overwhelming. (We'll see, still working on that one)

So after working with Katie, I practically ran home to hang my masterpiece.

Fourth revelation. Do not buy a curtain rod that barely fits your space. For example, if you find yourself needing a curtain rod that is 52" long, do not buy one that stretches to 53". This rod will not be sturdy and will sag in the middle. This is probably obvious to most people, but when I am trying to keep my Target bill under $100, I tend to skimp.

So after being seriously disappointed and practically throwing a tantrum, my man jimmy-rigged a solution. Is it perfect? No. Do I need a new rod? Yes. Will I buy a new rod? Yes. But I couldnt bring home my first sewing project and not hang it. That would have been unbearable.

So here are a couple pictures. Simple to some, but I am proud.

Thanks again Katie!


Olive Oyl said...

I LOVE it! The green is just perfect in there!

And you are hilarious. I try to skimp on fabric all the time and just buy a smidge over what I need to fit my area... and then I always end up sewing crooked or something because I cut it wrong and don't have enough extra... :)

Great first project! Sewing is so addicting... I went to Strawberry Patches yesterday for a first time in a long time and almost cringed when she rang up my fabric. Ay ay ay. But it was all so beautiful!

And, seriously Toni, I'm expecting a pair of handmade underwear from you now. :)

Katie said...

Looks fantastic! You are welcome to the use of my sewing machine anytime. Oh, and you are a natural...seriously. Don't stop sewing. I'd love to take you on your first trip to Strawberry Patches sometime (unless you've already been before and I don't know about it ;) Good work!

Sharon said...

It looks great Toni! Like I told you, I love that herringbone print. Unlike you, sewing does not come naturally to me, so I will sit back and enjoy the fruits of your, and other's, labors.