Thursday, February 5, 2009


Things I have been loving so far in February
my man
my Scully
my home
70+ degree days
Jr Miss
Top Chef
American Idol
finding new blogs
spending my lunch hour at Woolworths Antiques
getting a massage
one hour Office episode...Boom! Roasted.

Not so much
the start of tax season (long hours for Peter)
my hair
my current wardrobe
the unfinished state of the guest room
my puppy's teeth that want to chew everything especially skin and pant legs
the lack of photos on this post
not receiving any of the President's holidays off
my dormant grass


Olive Oyl said...

I love your hair and your wardrobe. You can give them to me if you'd like! :)

I love Jr. Miss too!!! I'm so sad I had to miss it last week and this week. :( Wait, was I there last week? No, I think I wasn't. I CANNOT KEEP MY WEEKS STRAIGHT!

Alicia said...

What a cute little post Toni. I too love American Idol and hate my hair :-)

vanessa said...

your "things i love" made me go "aww, cute...i'm jealous" (of the massage and your lunch hours at woolworths) and your "not so much" things made me laugh. i am sooooo with you on the hair!! (not yours, mine) think i'll be chopping off about 5 inches next week!