Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The beginning of every month I write in my planner things I want to accomplish or fun events I am looking forward to that month. I thought I would share them here as well.

November....in no particular order

Finishing the ceiling/walls of guest bedroom (maybe this week!)

Trying new soup recipes

Reading third Twilight book (thanks Jill!)

Twilight movie (ahhh...Edward Cullen)

Thanksgiving in Vancouver/Portland

Carrie Underwood concert

Sean and Allie's wedding!

USC game with friends

Making my Christmas list

Deciding what colors to decorate my Christmas tree (last year was red and gold)

Pumpkin anything (pie, muffins, bread, cake, coffee…)

Colored leaves

My Birthday!


timidvenus said...

are you DYING to meet my edward cullen? i am OBSESSED!!!!! i might die if i dont see that movie!!!

live a colorful life said...

I love your list. What a good idea. *sigh* Thanksgiving in Vancouver/Portland. That has become my very favorite city. Lucky you.

Alicia said...

Hi Toni,
Remember me? Alicia from the funeral home? Worked for your mom & dad? I've really been enjoying your blog which I found through Sara's blog. Please come visit mine and leave me a note. I ran into Matt last night while voting. I sure loved watching you guys all grow up and now seeing you grown up and married and all! Wow, time sure does fly.
Alicia Sugden

duble-u said...

happy b day scrub

Toni said...

sara--I can hardly wait. everytime i see a trailer for the movie, my heart stops.

cindy-I am very excited to go (minus the car ride). I have heard only great things about the city!

alicia--So good to hear from you! I left you a comment...

duble-u--you too scrub

vanessa said...

toni, you and jill are like stuffy nosed 12 year old girls who wear head gear! really? twilight?

ok seceretly i kinda want to see the movie, but daniel has basically said that would be the end all be all of deal breakers for us... maybe we could have it be our little secret??