Sunday, November 30, 2008

endings and beginnings

Tonight marked the end of my Twilight ending experience. I am sad it is over, but oh so happy I got caught up in the hype long enough to enjoy a great story line. No matter your opinions regarding the series, I have loved reading the books. They are fabulous.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of me working in a new position with new hours. For the past 6 months I have been working from 6am to 3pm. Crazy, I know. But necessary for the work I did with our East coast clients. Well, I thankfully received a promotion. My first real promotion, actually. And not only will I be doing work I enjoy and went to school for, but I will be working from 8-5. Like a normal person. And Peter and I will be able to carpool. Yeah, I will miss getting off at 3 and having more time to run errands and relax. But I will not miss crawling out of my warm bed at 4:40 every morning and getting ready in the cold dark while Peter quietly continues to snooze. Not worth it. Not at all.

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