Thursday, November 6, 2008


So one of my favorite thing about working downtown is the abundance of cool shops, fun restaurants, and antique stores all within walking (or short driving distance). Yesterday I took advantage of and spent my lunch hour wandering around Woolworths, my favorite antique shop. My parents used to take us here when we were younger, so they could shop around and we could eat at the old fashioned lunch counter. It is a very charming place. While I could have spent well over an hour there and purchased many things, I was looking for something specific. A small bedside table for the guest room.

shown in the front room while the bedroom is being painted

I found it. Not sure how "antique" it is. But is the perfect size, shape, and finish. Needless to say, it was a successful lunch hour.

Piece by piece, the room is coming along!


Sharon said...

Great find! And it looks like it will go great with your dresser.

Life Lived Abundantly said...

great find! we are in la too...what shops do you like downtown?

Alicia said...

I like it Toni. I love Woolworths as well. I've bought so many cute things there. I'll have to make it a point to stop by there this weekend. You really have great taste.

Toni said...

LLA--I guess I should have clarified--downtown Bakersfield,CA not LA. Very, very different :) But I love it just the same. Next time I will be more specific for the non-Bakersfield crowd :)thanks for stopping by!

Katie said...

cute. I love Woolworths.