Thursday, November 13, 2008

birthday list

So my birthday is next week. I know all of your are just dying to know what I want. I give you even more. I will tell you what I NEED. Here are a couple options....

Now the Hawaiian Chair is a little pricey, I know that. But I am moving to a new office soon, and this chair would just really make the transition that much better. So maybe it could be a combined birthday and Christmas gift.

Or...if you are watching those pennies a little more carefully, I would also love to receive one of these. The red color please, so it can double as a monk outfit for next Halloween.


CeCe said...

that chair is so hot.

and laugh if you will, but you know the person who thought of putting a bathrobe on BACKWARDS so that they could read, watch TV, drink coffee, or have a snack is BRILLIANT.

how come all the good ideas are taken!?

Jill said...

Does this mean I should return the Mighty Putty I already bought for you?

Alicia said...

Ellen Degeneres did a bit on the Hawaii chair on her show. It was so funny. i looked it up for you if you want to see it. Just follow this link