Monday, August 4, 2008

the boys in blue

Most of you know we are Dodger fans. Peter has been one, essentially, since birth. And since I love him, and he loves the Dodgers, I love the Dodgers. Although, I would say his loyalty is deeper than that of a normal fan. If you know him, you know what I am talking about. Our summer has included the voice of Vin Scully almost everyday. Whether it is on the stereo at home, on tv, in the car, or at the game, the Boys in Blue have been apart of our lives. And although it can get annoying at times, I wouldn't have it any other way.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to attend many games. Peter's dad has season tickets and we are so appreciative of him letting us use them throughout the summer. This weekend was especially exciting. Peter went with his dad and brother on Friday night to see Manny's first performance as a Dodger. Now, Manny coming to LA was ALL, and I mean ALL, I heard about last week. If you dont know what I am talking about, ask me. I now know everything about the trade. On Saturday, Peter and I went back to LA with good friends of ours
Sean and Allie. We stopped at Ikea first, for some organizational shelves for my pantry, hit up In-n-Out (which I dont really like, I know...How could I not? Spare me), and were off to the stadium.

The game did not disappoint. Our seats (not Pete's dads) were great. The crowd was crazy for Manny and he responded by hitting his first home-run as a Dodger. Very exciting. And they won! It was a great day, spent with a great guy, great friends and our Boys in Blue.
Here are some pics....

me and Allie

us again
Sean, Allie, me, Peter...not sure where we are all looking
fake Manny. This guy was classic.
real Manny...thanks to Allie's super zoom camera
the soon to be newlyweds


Katie said...

Toni-I too know everything about the Manny trade...or at least it feels that way. John had sports talk radio on the whole time we were working in the yard last week...oh, and good call on the Dodger game/Ikea trip. It's one of our patented moves too :)

Anonymous said...

toni. this is sam w. i feel like you may be one of the other girls, along with katie w, that really walk along side those we love that love sports. whenever you feel like you can't love the dodgers or the trojans (and i'm referencing usc), give me a call and i can encourage you until you're dodger blue in the face.

hope to see you soon!

Toni said...

Thanks Sam! I know both you and Katie know exactly what I am talking about. There are definitely times I feel like putting in ear plugs, but then I just think that with all the ups and downs of his teams and his emotions, our life is never dull :)
Thanks for the offer to call, I might have to take you up on that. Or Matt and Peter can talk it up and give us a break!

Tara said...

I feel like I've sort of escaped some of the Dodger mania while I've been out of the Frantz house, but my mom gave me the update on the whole Manny mania and I can only imagine how Peter is feeling/thinking/acting about it. :) You're a very supportive wife to put up with all that. Dodger blue will be a part of our family FOREVER.