Friday, May 16, 2008

the test

taking a 16 year old girl to the dmv to take her written test (for the second time) is one of the most anxiety-ridden things I have ever done. I was so nervous watching her today I couldn't even sit still. the second she was done I jumped out of my seat and went over to the counter. the woman working there (side note--why are dmv employees so disgruntled?) actually had to tell me to sit down. like I didn't have a right to be there or something. needless to say, the 45 minutes ended with my stomach in knots, a test with 1 too many red circles, and lots of tears being shed. by both of us :( I know some of you are thinking, in the grand scheme of life this is no big deal. that was the logical, adult thing to say. the thing I had planned on saying. but looking at that defeated face with runny mascara I couldn't help but let a couple tears fall and agree on the entire crapiness (new word) of the whole situation. good job toni, great lesson.
**side note -- most of you probably know who I am talking about. If you happen to see this particular dmv-hater please say nothing about tests, cars, driving, the road, gas, etc.

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M&C said...

Oh. That. Sucks.

Does she still have that old bike she used to ride around in circles in front of your parent's house?! :)


Poor girl. I need to come buy her a Special Vanilla Pepsi or a Sno Fun or something... :(