Sunday, May 18, 2008

my nemisis

I have decided that wallpaper is, quite possibly, one of the worst things invented. I always scoffed at those new house shows (house hunters, for example) when a couple would walk in and see wallpaper and immediately form a negative opinion about that particular house. "Wallpaper can be changed!!" is what I used to shout at the tv. Now I can see where they are coming from. After a couple weeks of on and off work, I am happy to say our house is now wallpaper-free! I am just thankful in wasn't in every room.

vanessa and I feeling triumphant at the end of the day

this was just one side of the bathroom, the other side was worse

the wallpaper glue in the kitchen, it had been stuck there since the 50's. it wasn't coming off without a fight

trying to gouge myself with the wallpaper scraper

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