Thursday, May 15, 2008

the roof, part 1

peter and daniel working... as you can see I was too busy at the dump to take pictures during the afternoon
So the only way we could get homeowners insurance was to put on a new roof. Nothing like a cheap, easy fix to start the process, right? Yeah, no. So last weekend Peter and some guys (thanks Brother, Ryan, Zack, and Jake) started the process of taking off the old wood shingles, only to discover an entire other composite roof underneath. Needless to say, it was a hot, long, stressful day for all of the guys. My job, with the help of my dear friend Vanessa, was to drive the dump trailer full of shingles to the beautiful Shafter-Wasco Landfill, or as we locals call it, The Dump. The first couple trips were fine, we went to the recycling section and you could barely notice the smell. Unfortunately, we had to go to the general trash section the third time around. This trip consisted of me trying to reverse the trailer (so hard!), a nice employee offering to help, a dump trailer that wouldn't move up, seeing my grandpa there dumping his spa (random), and a huge bag of poopy diapers spilling right in front of me. And dont even get me started on the smell and the squishy dirt. At the end of the day we sat in our dust filled house, pleased with the work we had done and so incredibly thankful for the many friends and family that helped.

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