Tuesday, October 25, 2011

nursery ideas

I have been thinking about our baby's nursery for a long time. As in, long before this baby even existed. The room is now our guest bedroom, but is mainly used to store stuff that doesnt belong anywhere else and house piles of clean laundry. It has become my laundry folding room and I would often get side tracked, day dreaming of the little baby that would one day fill the space. As that day gets closer and closer, the reality is starting to set in. A baby will soon be here. And I have lots of work to do!

And right now, this is the current state of that room (keeping it real here)

But I have plans! I always knew I would want a more gender neutral, colorful nursery, which is perfect since Baby Frantz will be a surprise. I am sure I will add in more boy or girl items/colors after the baby is born. But for now, I am excited about creating a cute, colorful space for our baby.

Here are some inspiration fabrics to get me going.

Disclaimer...I have actually not purchased any fabric yet, but I will. Soon! I would like to use the fabric for a tiered crib skirt, curtains (probably the yellow chevron), and fabric accents for the room. A white crib has already been picked out, the white dresser will stay as a changing table and I am on the lookout for a cute bookshelf and chair.

Before all of this can happen, I need to clean out the closet. And that in itself will be an adventure. Anyone know where, in my little house, I can store bulky snowboarding clothes, stuff leftover from our childhood bedrooms, and boxes of high school yearbooks??

To cheer me up from this daunting task, I purchased a couple cute things for the room.

An old globe in all the right colors (and, duh, to obviously quiz my kid on geography) and vintage-inspired alphabet fabric (to either use as a wall hanging, soft book, or another crafty idea I have never attempted)

I have about four months to go and am really excited to get started!


Laura Thiessen said...

I love your fabric inspirations! I don't know if you've ever seen Alewives Fabrics. They're online, in Maine, but they ship anywhere. I am in love... You've got a wonderful start on the nursery. It's going to be adorable!

vanessa said...

LOVE LOVE that graphic floral print!