Monday, June 7, 2010

class of 2010

my sister graduated high school last week.

I am still a little unsure how this all happened. Wasn't she just in 4th grade, wearing her school uniform everyday? Wasn't it just her 8th grade graduation, where she looked so grown up in a cute navy dress?

And now? Now she is....gulp....going to start college??

I am so excited for her. School has not always been easy, but she made it. And she made us all very proud.

I love having Nikki as my younger sister.
She is stubborn, hot-headed, loving, and innocent.
She loves her family, friends, clothes, her blond hair, and singing in the shower.
She is such a blessing in my life.
She makes me strive to set a good example of a Godly woman and wife. I try.
For my sister.

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