Monday, April 5, 2010

dear blog

dear blog,
It's been awhile. Surprisingly, I have not missed you.
Sometimes you are fun. But sometimes you remind me that I have
not done any house projects in a long time.
I dont like you then.

dear strawberries,
thank you for being in season again. you are my very favorite and you know it.
you made my Easter breakfast extra special.

dear tax season,

I dont like you. You take my husband away from me and keep him all day and night.
I cant wait till you are over. 10 more days.

dear spring,

thank you for arriving.
you have brought me lots of lemons

and daffodils. which my husband brought home for me after a long day of working.

and nights on the patio.

you dont get any better. expect when you turn into summer. then you are the best.

dear job,
you were really rough for a while. you made me cry every night. but you are getting much better.
now get off my blog.

dear scully,
we love you so much. you know that. and you love us. but now its time for some hard truth.

you need to lose some weight. just a few pounds. sorry you inherited my slow metabolism, but summer is coming up. and you know what that means. bikini season. dont worry, we'll do it together.


Katie M said...

Toni, you are so funny. REALLY funny.

vanessa said...

SLOW METABOLISM?!!?!? you're on crack! hehe... i realize that you might just be trying to make Scully feel better so we'll just pretend you're not skinny minnie for her sake : )