Saturday, April 24, 2010


No promises this will be completed anytime soon. But somehow putting it on the blog makes me more accountable. Sort of. Not really.

I found this dresser at a yard sale. On a Saturday morning when I delivered lemons to Katie and Henry. We spotted the sale a few houses down and walked over, not really expecting to find anything.

When I first noticed the dresser, I saw the peeling paint. The scratches. That it was once loved by a Hannah.

But then I noticed the quality, the charm, the bun feet, the pulls. And only $20. Sold.

My plan is for this to go into our office for now (another major project) to store office and craft supplies. Now I need to strip the paint, sand it down, and repaint it. But what color?

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Katie said...

I'm so glad you got it. I love it! What about a light blue...?