Saturday, January 23, 2010

dancing queen

I spent the afternoon helping my baby sister get ready for her winter formal.

She looked so cute! (I am well aware I look frumpy, ok.)

Of course, there were some crisis moments.
Hair not perfect (side note - my sister has amazing hair. It always looks super cute. When I was in high school I had 2 styles, down and straight or in a ponytail. Who am I kidding, thats all I do now too. Anyway, she is super creative with her hair)
Dress issues (mom fixed that)
Running late ( surprise here)

But it all came together in the end. And I must say, she was beautiful. I loved her glamorous look!

It is fun to watch my sister experience her senior year. But when I saw the order form for her cap and gown, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. Way. too. fast.


allie said...

SO cute!!! I can't believe she's a senior. It's just not possible!

Angie said...

Your baby sister is growing up! She looks beautiful - love love love the red shoes and flower in the hair, and she is rockin that dress. Love the whole look.