Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas vacation

Though not as long as I would like, we did enjoy a short vacation after Christmas. Thankfully, my job gives me a paid week off of work and Peter was able to ask for a few days off. We spent most of the time in San Diego with the Frantz family.

First night - dinner at Sammy's Pizza

Here is Sammy, at his pizza place

Sea World

When we arrived at Sea World, the power was out in the entire park. Which basically meant we walked around for about 45 minutes asking every employee we saw if the power was still out. Its like, if you ask as many employees as possible, it will be fixed faster. You all know what I am talking about. We all do it.
Anyway, a fun highlight of the day was stumbling upon the flamingos as they were being walked to their pond.

Here are some more fun animals...

And this?

Well this was just wrong. And annoying. And slightly disturbing.
If you cant tell, this is Tin Man's backside. This man apparently either won him or paid an exorbitant amount for this stuffed figurine. He was obviously very proud of it, as he proceeded to wear it on his shoulders all over the park. This picture was snapped at the 4D show. We also saw the Tin Man bobbing his way over to Shamu. And thus, blocking someones view at the Shamu show. And since when did Tin Man have such a defined butt? Gross.

Tuesday was sunny and warm, so we rode the ferry over to Coronado Island and rented cruiser bikes. I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting San Diego. I had been to the island before, but it was fun to see it on bikes. You can rent bikes at the ferry landing and the trail takes you all around the island. My favorite part was riding through the residential streets and looking at all the adorable houses.
Sadly, I dont have many pictures, as my new camera had a sad meeting with the sidewalk. Thankfully, Amazon is sending us a new one!

We also had a yummy dinner in Old Town, complete with LaBamba playing mariachi bands.

Thanks Sam and Sue for the fun getaway!


kathleen said...

looks like so much fun! i'm sure you wish you had won the tin man, i know i do ;)

Angie said...

a flamingo parade? seriously? how cool is that??