Sunday, July 19, 2009

weekend randomness

Another great summer weekend for Peter and I. In tradition of our Friday night dinners, we made homemade bbq chicken pizza.

I love making pizza at home. I have tried a few different crust recipes, and I think I have found the perfect one. Not too crispy and not too chewy. I will share it soon.

We went to a friends wedding on Saturday. Despite the 105 degree outdoor ceremony, the bride was beautiful and the wedding was perfect.

Sunday we picked our first peaches of the summer. Peter's dad is an almond farmer who also grows some amazing peaches. I look forward to them every summer.

*a favorite way to eat peaches. on waffles with powdered suger

We ended the weekend with a matinee showing of Harry Potter at a new theater downtown. LOVED it. I want to see it again. Tomorrow.


Olive Oyl said...

LOVE the dress! You look so beautiful!

Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes... I'm going to get them dry cleaned this week and return them. I got a little gift for you to thank you for your kindness. You are going to love it!

Mmmm. Peaches.

Seriously, didn't you LOVE the new theater?! AND DIDN'T YOU LOVE THE FLICK!?

We need to get together soon. So much to talk about. Seriously.

Angie said...

We miss you guys! We'll be home soon, so we need to get together for some walks, bbqs, dodger games, etc. etc.