Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's time for...

Dodger Baseball!

The season has started my friends. And we all know what that means in my house.

The outdoor speakers are installed, the first (of many) Dodger Night BBQ has happened, the tickets are ready, the tv and radio are set for every game, and the mini helmet is at its rightful place next to the tv.

We are excited for the upcoming season and cant wait till our first trip to Chavez Ravine next Thursday!

and just for fun...

Vin Scully

our pup's namesake and quite possibly Peter's favorite person ever


Olive Oyl said...

I've totally been listening to the past three games on AM radio... you know... the same station that I listen to on the weekends that enables me to win ridiculously fantastic boxes of organic fertilizer.



Angie said...

Thank you so much for hosting the 1st official Dodger BBQ of the season! We had a great time (even though I was still on Texas was a great homecoming :)) Can't wait for the next!

Katie said...

Ahh yes...Dodger baseball...we're listening to the game as I type this. What would summer be without the boys in blue?