Friday, November 2, 2012

pumpkin patch

Taking your child to a pumpkin patch is an unspoken parent rule. It doesnt matter if you pick pumpkins, carve pumpkins (gross), or make homemade roasted pumpkin seeds (yum), you simply must take your babies and capture adorable cute perfect photos. 

There are a few to choose from in our area. Some, shall we say, are low-maintenance. Others are super fancy and super popular. But it just so happened that the bubonic plague hit our household and knocked us all out for a week. So we were quickly running out of pumpkin patch time. (One must go before Halloween or it simply doesnt count. Or something like that.)

A plan was quickly devised. We would meet up with the Macks and take the babies after church. To the local pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm (Santa's Forest. Maybe you have heard of it? Its a magical forest featuring a  train and wild turkeys and Santa's trees. Right smack dab in the middle of good ol' Kern County farm land)

No pressure. No long drive. No matching lil' pumpkin t-shirts. Easy. 

Which was a good plan because dragging babies anywhere after church is never the best idea. 

They were not super impressed, didnt really feel like smiling, and were more interested in eating the pumpkins than anything. But they sure were cute.



Olive Oyl said...

My mom took S out there and he loved it! And he agrees with the "yuck" factor of pumpkin carving as well.

Cute baby girls! Even if they do prefer to ear pumpkins than smile.

Katie said...

Cute! And yes, that pumpkin patch was perfect for us too :)