Saturday, November 3, 2012


We had a great Halloween! 

Kate loved her ladybug costume. 
(Picked out and purchased by her Dad)
She wore it all day. To visit Peter in his office. Then in our town's Halloween parade. 

I think she was too busy checking everything out to smile, but I know she had a good time.

And I must say, we had the cutest ladybug and elephant there. 

 our friends, the Wiebe Firemen!

this ear is soooo interesting...

grandma and grandpa!


Tara Frantz said...

I love the picture with Grandma and Grandpa. Made me tear up. And that little ladybug, can't get much cuter than that.

Sharon said...

The only thing missing was the world's cutest little zebra to go along with the cutest ladybug, elephant, and firemen!

Toni said...

I agree, Sharon! The girls left a space in the middle of the wagon for their friend.

Katie said...

That picture with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Sam is completely adorable.