Thursday, September 6, 2012

feeding my baby

This week Kate turned six months old. I am still trying to internally process that, which is why I haven't updated this little blog with her weekly pics. (excuses, excuses)

This week also marked an important milestone: the introduction of real food! Yes, I am one of those who waited the full six months to start real food. More than anything else because the thought of feeding my daughter actual food stressed me out.
What should I start with?
How often?
How much?
What about allergies?
Poop issues?

you want to feed me WHAT?

Up until this point, feeding Kate has been quite easy. (not counting those agonizing first couple weeks when I cried every time she latched on. the pain. oh, the pain) Although I lament that she wont take a bottle and still pretty much eats every 2-3 hours, I really have nothing to complain about and I am very thankful. I produce a lot of milk. I am home and dont have to mess with a pump. She gets hungry, I feed her. Easy. And lets be honest, I have not tried hard enough with the bottle. I should have started it earlier and been more consistent. But I was afraid. So I didnt. And I have come to terms with this is just the way it is. Until I stop nursing, my baby is, quite literally, attached to me throughout the day.

There will be many more years of freedom and longer than two hours to myself. There wont be many more years of nursing my babies. (a reminder to myself when I am drowning in a pool of breastmilk and self-pity)

{side note: I have more opinions and criticism thrown at me for this than anything else. No, my baby will not take a bottle. Yes, I have tried different kinds, methods, times of day. Yes, I realize I could have more time to myself/husband if she did. Maybe she still will. Maybe she wont. Maybe next baby.}

So for some reason the thought of starting food was not exciting to me. We have had a good thing going, and I wasnt ready to throw something else into the mix. But after talking more with friends and researching a little more, I began to finally come around. And I will admit, making the food was fun! I love being in the kitchen and cooking for my family, so this is just a new addition. The Beaba makes it easy and fun and I like knowing she is already eating food made by me.

Not sure how long I will do just purees. She already wants to use her fingers. But for now, sweet potatoes are all the rage over here.

Yeah, she may have only ingested like a teaspoon of food, but I consider it a success!
Next up: avocados and pears.


Olive Oyl said...

i feel like she should not be 6 months already. weren't we JUST in that waiting room waiting for Peter to come out and announce her arrival??

Soon us girls will be planning her bridal show..

gah. where does the time go??

love that you are making her food. :) and love that she is enjoying it!

Charis said...

Love that first picture, Toni. She is so adorable. Such a fun stage - I hope you all enjoy it.

And for what it's worth, I didn't give any of my girls a bottle. Never even tried. And especially now that they are older and less excited about snuggling with mama :( I don't regret it one bit. All those hours holding my babies are mine to treasure for as long as my memory holds out. The memories of pain, ill-timed leakage, clogged ducts, and grabby baby hands that feel the need to pinch your face while they eat...also memories for me to treasure. But one doesn't come without the other. Do what works for you. You are doing great!

Katie said...

Mama knows best. Don't worry about waiting, in the long run stuff like this just doesn't really matter. As long as she's happy and healthy you are doing fine :)