Tuesday, May 8, 2012

three little girls

Being pregnant with three close friend was so fun! (and no, we did not plan it)

Of course, we were all curious about the genders of the growing babies.
Little did we know that we would all have precious little girls!

Kate is lucky to already have two best girlfriends, Ruby and Sandy. It will be fun to watch their personalities develop and grow over the years.

Kate meeting Ruby the day she came home from the hospital. Ruby was not so sure about this new girl.

Angie (with Sandy in her tummy) holding the babies

Dads and their girls

Kate visiting Sandy when she came home from the hospital

I thought this picture was hilarious and accurately portrayed their moods that night. Ruby, calm and chill. Kate, cranky and unable to be still. Sandy, sleeping in the fetal position. :)

One day we will get a picture where no one is crying. Although three moms with cameras in your face is a scary thing. So I understand.

Being blessed with a great group of girlfriends myself, I hope that the bond between these baby girls keeps growing!

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Katie said...

Very special. Those pictures will be cherished for their entire lives. What lucky girls :)