Tuesday, May 1, 2012

beach trip

Also known as, the trip that saved our lives.

Every year, after the craziness of tax season, we head over to the beach house for a few days. This year was no exception.
And it couldn't have been more necessary.

Having a baby, your first baby, during your husband's busiest time at work is NOT recommended. After only two days at home with Kate and I, Peter headed back to work. And I am not talking 8-5 here people. He was leaving around 6:30 in the morning and there were some nights he wouldn't be home till around 10. He worked weekends too. Needless to say, this was a very difficult time for all of us. Peter hated being gone so much and I hated feeling so alone. We were counting down the days till April 17th.

I love going to the beach this time of year. Perfect weather and no crowds. We spent our time walking to morning coffee (7-11 on Grand. Its seriously the best), walking on the beach, eating out, ordering in, shopping with friends, and just being together. Finally. As a family of three.

Not too many pictures. And the ocean was like white noise for Kate - instantly asleep.
(which is no easy feat for our alert little girl)

She was so smiley! Even Kate needed a little vacation to lounge around on old quilts in her jammies all day.


p.s. For those of you who read my blog (all three of you) and brought us meals, gifts, or simply stopped by and visited- THANK YOU. A million times. Thank you. I needed the help, encouragement, and company. And you came through in a big way. (Especially Grammy and Grandma!)


Katie said...

Cute pictures! Even though those weeks without Peter were hard, YOU DID IT! Pat yourself on the back. All 3 of you survived. Great work, Frantzes!

Kathleen said...

so glad you recovered from such a crazy time!