Sunday, November 6, 2011

church garage sale

Every year, the Women's Ministries group at my church organizes a large garage (well, actually its held in a gym) sale. And every year, I go home with a few treasures.

This year was no exception.

For $15 I scored an old-fashioned (it looks handmade, but I cant be sure) children's push cart toy, a great Pendleton wool blanket, and two large glass jars.

The push cart will be filled will stuffed animals and blankets and reside in the nursery-until it can be put to good use by a little one wheeling toys around the house or outside picking up sticks. Not sure if I want to keep the natural wood or paint it a fun color.

The blanket will be great for picnics and playing outside.

The jars just look cute on my bookshelf. Reason enough to spend $1 on them, in my opinion.

Its always fun to see what I might find at the garage sale. And the best part is all money raised goes to supporting our missions fund.

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Katie said...

Great finds...glad you got the cart. I saw it and thought of you!