Friday, July 8, 2011

like a boss

Oh, this guy?
Let me introduce you to Peter Frantz, CPA.

After 13 months of paying for study materials, studying, paying for tests, and taking tests, my husband is now a California licensed CPA. And I couldn't be more proud.

In full disclosure, he actually finished the tests earlier this year, but the license processing took a while. He can now officially call himself a Certified Public Accountant.

This past year was stressful for both of us. There were many nights I spent alone on the couch with Scully while he studied for hours. Weekends were consumed with studying. Plans were postponed.
I mean, I made dinner every night AANNDD had to clean the dishes.
That's when you know its serious.

Throughout the year, my prayer was to be a patient and encouraging wife. And I hope I was. (most of the time, at least) I tried to support Peter through this process, because I know it is great for his career and great for our family. And we are very thankful he had this opportunity.

So thanks, Peter. No one else can analyze big corporate financial statements AND catch foul balls one-handed at Dodger Stadium without spilling one drop of his beverage. And look cute doing it.


Katie said...

Good job, Peter! (And good job, Toni too...I know what it's like to cook AND do the dishes too. Makes me appreciate the non-basketball season months when John does more than his fair share around here). Way to go, Frantzs :)

Olive Oyl said...

Congrats to Peter! (and you too, of course). I know how hard it is to have your husband home but NOT REALLY have him home. But you guys made it through and he is DONE! Yeah yeah yeah! So proud of both of you! :)