Sunday, October 3, 2010


My Saturday night was spent at the Kern County Fair, more specifically the rodeo, with my parents. Peter already had plans (USC game) on Saturday night, so when my mom called me earlier last week to invite me to the rodeo, I enthusiastically said yes.

I was excited for a number of reasons...

1. Its the fair. And I haven't been in years.
2. I love the rodeo.
3. Hand-dipped corn dogs.
4. My parents are great. And for one night, I got to have them to myself.

I did not take very many pictures. I was hoping to document my corn dog experience, but I ate it too fast. Seriously, I inhaled that thing. So, so good. With a mixture of mustard and ketchup. I know. I'm strange.

But here is something else I ate.

Funnel cake. Another version of fried dough! In full disclosure, I DID share this, ok.

On to the rodeo.

Of course, the opening ceremonies. Complete with flags, Star Spangled Banner, and an America loving, country music listening, boots wearing crowd. Loved it.

Aside from the usual bull riding, team roping, and barrel racing, there was this...

Buffalo round-up!

Now THIS was entertaining! Seriously.
I mean, I knew I would see bulls, and horses, and steers, but I had no idea I would see buffalo.
And buffalo that were corralled by a one-armed cowboy and made to stand on top of a huge truck, no less. Madness!

To make a great night even better, my dad spotted his all-time favorite treat.

Dippin' Dots.
My dad has an unusual love for this strange frozen dessert. Which he passed down to my sister. The Rainbow Ice flavor to be exact. The Dippin' Dots stand used to be his only reason for going to the mall. When my parents lived in Ventura for a year they actually lived down the street from a Dippin' Dots shop. To them, it was pretty much heaven. He was so excited to see this at the fair. Cute.

Thanks mom and dad for the fun night!

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kathleen said...

if i could have a dippin' dots maker at my house, i totally would. they are MY FAVORITE