Sunday, August 22, 2010

till next year....

So when you work year around, like we do, summer is just a season. Sure, we try to live it up as best we can... This year we went on a great vacation. Had bbqs with friends. Took late night walks with the Scullster. Ate wonderful, farm-grown fruits and veggies. Spent weekends lying in the pool. Rediscovered our love for competitive lawn games (bocce ball, croquet, anyone?). Suffered under the oppressive heat that is July without a working ac....You get the picture.

Another vital component of summer, is the Dodgers. As you all know. We are fans. (some of us more dedicated than others). If the game is not on the tv, than it is floating through the house via Vin Scully (side note: we are very happy about this) on the radio. We are fortunate to be able to go to quite a few games a year, and last week, we marked the end of summer by going to another. Probably the last one of the season.

the Frantz men

p.s. today was 105 degrees. apparently summer has decided to kick back and stay for a while.

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