Monday, October 12, 2009

raising funds

Having been out of the elementary school world for, oh, about 15 years, I am a little out of touch with the whole school fundraising world. And to be honest, I hated having to do fundraisers. I never sold enough carmel covered pretzels or Christmas wrapping paper to earn anything good. I usually ended up taking the catalog to my Dad's business and letting the 4 employees have their pick. Like I said, never enough for anything cool.

Not like Jill. She was lucky enough to earn this beauty one year...

My name was never called in the special assembly. Never asked to go on stage and receive my super cool prize for being a top seller. But thats ok. I have moved on.

In the wisdom I have gained since my years of mediocre at best fundraising attempts, I can confidently say that fundraising has greatly improved since then. I work with many people with elementary school age kids. Who seem to be very involved in raising funds. And never have I seen a gaudy magazine toting canisters of peanut brittle and chocolate covered cherries. The fundraising gurus have really stepped up their game. In the past two years I have purchased high quality candles, fresh wreaths and garland, and most recently, this resuable bag.

Not only is this bag roomy and very multi-purpose, but it comes in so many cute patterns. My only regret is not ordering more. I thought I would share it with all of you, just in case this fundraiser comes across your desk. If it does, order a few bags. If the major improvement of goods offered is any indication, I can only imagine the cool prizes up for grabs these days.


Jill said...

That phone was the pride and joy of my childhood. But don't be fooled, I think that's the only prize I ever won.

Olive Oyl said...

Is that the phone that Jill used to secretly call Matt at night from her bedroom? Just wondering... :)

And please, Jill. You had about a bazillion little trophies from cigarette Kathy at Dancer's Workshop. Don't act like you never got anything as a kid... :)