Wednesday, October 21, 2009

k.i.t. dodgers

Its hard to believe another season is over. And I know you may laugh, or think I am exaggerating. But I am not. The Dodgers play a major role in our home from about April to mid-October (hopefully). If you know my husband, then you know this is true.

And although the Dodgers have brought us many memorable moments, tonight we are sad. Sad we aren't bringing the series back to LA, so we can see another game. Sad it ended this way. Sad we wont spend any more evening on our patio listening to Vin. Sad we cant go all the way.

But this is life. It builds character, right?

Enough moping! Here is a pic of a definite highlight of our 2009 Dodger season.

Til 2010, keep in touch Dodgers

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