Sunday, August 9, 2009

first pitch

This past Saturday night I took the field at Dodger Stadium. I shook hands with players, walked on the dirt, felt the grass, and touched home plate.

All because I had this.....

Because we were throwing this....

This all started on Friday afternoon. Peter called me from work saying someone from Mastercard and the Dodgers PR organization called him to ask if he wanted to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. Ummm....WHAT?!? To say he was beyond excited was an understatement. He quickly said yes and the plans fell into motion.

He was selected because we used to use an MLB Dodgers mastercard. We have redeemed points a number of times at the stadium (sitting in box seats, free tickets, etc), which has put his name into a pool of people. Mastercard was sponsoring the first pitch the next night (Sat.) and no one had redeemed enough points to have this opportunity. Peter's name was chosen and 4 field passes, field box tickets, and one first pitch ball was waiting in his name at the stadium. No points necessary.

Funny enough, we dont really use that card too much anymore. I made him get us a credit card that earns useful points, like airline miles. I claimed we went to a lot of games anyway and didnt really need the extra perks. Obviously, I am now glad we hung onto it.

So here are some pictures. We arrived at the stadium when it opened and enjoyed batting practice and warm-ups on the field. We basically stood around, snapping pictures, waving at out friends in the stands (we had quite the cheering section, and having an amazing time.

peter, me, aaron (peter's brother), dave (our good friend)

angie and ryan were cheering us on and taking pics from the stands!

Having our names announced. Being on the jumbo screen. Shaking with nerves. Getting ready to throw the pitch!

Although the pitch did not go exactly as planned. Peter got to jog up and stand on the mound. He was told to NOT do that and only stand in front of it. But how could he resist? A lifelong dream for him, for sure.

On the way out we got to walk RIGHT in front of the full Dodger dugout. I would like to say we walked by super cool and confident, but no. We walked as sloooow as the security guard would let us, snapped pictures, yelled their names, waves frantically, and looked in awe. Manny! Ethier! Furcal!

All in all it was an amazing experience! The fact that we got to share it with some close friends made it that much more special.

We cant wait to tell our kids....that one night in early August, we took the field at Dodger Stadium.


Olive Oyl said...

I'm screaming as I read this. I LOVE IT. And if course you look beautiful out there on the field. Two questions though....

#1. Why didn't you wear your Alyssa Milano tank?
#2. Why didn't Peter wear his Manny hat??

I love you guys. You are THE most famous people I know. :)

Katie said...

Glad I got to see it on video...what an experience!

allie said...

Coolest thing ever!! You guys look so cute!

vanessa said...

peter is a REBEL!! going on the mound when he was told not to... daring and totally necessary!

shelly's sewing shrapnel said...

that is soooo fun, you guys are so cute!

Jill said...

I think you should post the video! People need to see you in action.
So...a few weeks ago your goal was to get on the big you've been on the field...I think your next goal should be honorary bat girl.

duble-u said...

shut up! peter must still be in heaven.

Angie said...

I feel as though I was present at the birth of your first child. It was THAT exciting - Dave and I feel so honored!

Alicia said...

Hey Toni! How cool and fun. I always loved going to Dodger games when Les would give me tickets and let me leave work early.

You really do need to post this video!