Thursday, August 2, 2012

dodger game

I am way behind on posting this, but oh well. I want to document it anyway.

At the end of June, we took Kate to her first Dodger game. Obviously, this was a momentous occasion for this Dodger loving family (especially Peter). We were fortunate enough to have tickets in a box (thanks leftover points from an old credit card) which was perfect for our little one. She was able to spread out and play and I was able to nurse her {sorta} discreetly.

 the best we could do. she was VERY distracted.

very worried about the Dodgers performance

The ride home was a little rough (i.e. lots of tears), but overall the trip went great! Obviously, Kate wont remember any of it, but I know we will look back and smile.

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Katie said...

Good times! When she gets older Peter will have to take her down to run the bases (I think John takes the boys to do this just as much for himself as he does for them ;)