Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 months

This month was full of growth and new tricks for our sweet Kate. I joke that someone is sneaking her growing beans every night, but a part of me really thinks its true. (My guess is Scully) I feel like every morning she wakes up just a bit heavier, a bit longer, and with a new trick to show us. Exciting and sad at the same time. Kate was a cuddly newborn for such a short amount of time. I want to erase every time I thought that it wasn't good for her to fall asleep on me or when I complained about being on the couch with her all day. She is 4 months going on 4 years and what I wouldn't give for her to fall asleep on my chest again and sleep for hours.

BUT, we are loving this stage as well. Kate is very active and sweet and loves to smile. She takes one good nap which allows me to work but not get much else done for the rest of the day. And that is ok. She loves playing, rolling around, sucking on toys, nursing, being cranky when she is tired, looking at the dogs, being held by her family, and going on walks.

She is our delight.


Amber said...

Ohhh Toni! That last picture of Kate is the best!! What a cutie!! :)

Sra. Brooks said...

That last picture! Be still my heart.

Olive Oyl said...

Love her so much. How are these girls getting so big?? Precious.