Friday, March 2, 2012

march baby

Since last June, we have had February 24 circled on our calendar. Baby Frantz due date. I knew the chance of actually having our baby on that day was slim. To be honest, I always thought I would deliver a few days early. I have no idea why. Wishful thinking, perhaps? I knew the statistics. Many woman go past their due date. Especially first time moms. However, I still really never considered that a possibility for me. Everyone else was having their baby early. Why wouldn't I?

Well here we are. February 24 has come and gone. In fact, I missed February entirely! My February baby will now be a March baby. And I will admit, coming to terms with being overdue has not been easy. The last week, my days have felt like an endless cycle of hoping something happens, feeling small contractions and just knowing THIS IS IT, and then having everything go away. It is hard to accept that although my body has made some progress, it may not get it together before my Dr. (and to be honest, I as well) feel the need to induce labor. This is definitely not part of my plan, but it will be part of my story.

Am I sad I will not have the "its time to go to the hospital NOW!" moment with Peter? Yes.
Am I sad I wont feel the natural progression of contractions on my own? Yes.
But my thankfulness of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby outweighs this all. My prayer for a safe delivery remains the same. The excitement of not knowing the gender is still there. The anticipation of seeing our baby's face is overwhelming.

I can now finally say, I KNOW my baby will be in my arms within the next few days. And I couldn't be more excited.


betsy said...

loved this post. can't wait to find out if baby frantz is a girl or a boy!! (i think a girl...) :) i'm praying for everything to go smoothly for you, even with induction.

Katie said...

Overdue babies are pretty awesome if I do say so myself :) Can't wait to hear the good news!