Thursday, March 31, 2011

dodger baseball

The boys are back in town.

The Frantz family love for Dodger baseball has been well documented on this blog.

I mean we named our dog after Vin Scully for crying out loud.

It should not surprise you that Opening Day is treated like a holiday around here. For years, Peter would go to Opening Day with his dad - unfortunately, it just so happens to be tax season now and Peter is a grown up now.

BUT! We still celebrate, like any true fans would.

{please excuse my messy kitchen. we were mid-bbq}

We love having great friends so close (practically neighbors) that we love and who also love the Dodgers. When we cant go to the game, we love watching it with them.

{please excuse Scully's backside. she is normally more modest}

Last inning is serious business. No sitting down.

Thanks Macks! First of many games this season.

Go Blue!

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Angie said...

So fun! We love Dodger baseball with friends :) Looking forward to many more games this season!