Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear Denver
I am ready to come home. You are cold and you are making my skin dry and my lips chapped. Oh, and your altitude is making me out of breath. Like, even when I am walking.
And I really miss these two cuties.


Dear Tax Season,
I am not ready for you this year.
You take my husband and hold him hostage.
I dont like you and never will.


Dear Spring
Please come soon. I am tired of being cold. And wearing closed-toe shoes.
And I want to open up my windows.
Thank you.


Dear Pilot,
Tomorrow, do me a favor. Please make a smooth landing.
Because I would really not like to have to pull out the barf bag.
And I REALLY would not like to see the look on my neighbors face when I pull out said barf bag.
It was a close, close call.



Kathleen said...

dear toni,
lets hang out.

Angie said...

i miss you!

christi said...

dear toni,
it was cold and rainy here all day on saturday. sunday was beautiful - clear skies, but the wind was bitter. today is better and i had a talk with the sun to make sure you come home to some warmth. he said he would try to oblige. travel safe and i think there are something like 55 days until tax season is over!

toni said...

kathleen - yes please. soon.

angie - i miss you too! we only live 4 streets apart, we need to see each other more often. oh wait, our jobs get in the way...

christi - after many delays, i finally made it home. 10 pm and peter had pizza waiting for me in the car. so sweet, that accountant.

Olive Oyl said...

Can't wait to hang out with you tomorrow.

PS. Someday, when we both get prego and have maternity leave and lots of time on our hands (you know, between the feeding and the burping and the mothering), we must continue our Documentary watching and commentary together. It was the best.