Thursday, September 10, 2009

bye bye summer

Our last summer weekend was full of football, tailgating, huge breakfast burritos, driving, heat, sweat, the beach, family, and friends. Here are some pics!

Angie and I came up with some amazing breakfast burritos. Cooked all on the grill. Here I am cooking some bacon. We forgot to pack aprons, so a dish towel did the trick. We sincerely apologize for the massive amounts of bacon splatters we created on the patio near the Student Health building.

The masterpiece

Peter and I inside the coliseum. It was hot. HOT. Which reminds me...middle aged men should not go shirtless in public. I dont care what your body looks like. When your sweaty chest and back bump into me in line, I am offended.

In front of Tommy Trojan after the game. Not to be confused with Tammy Trojan, pictured.

We left USC and headed over to the beach to spend the rest of the weekend.

Ladder golf. A favorite yard game. Have you played it? My grandpa introduced us to it a couple years ago. It was all the rage among seniors at RV parks across America. Peter made our own set and we play in our back yard.

A great weekend to celebrate the end of an even better summer.

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allie said...

I'm glad you've grown from Tammy Trojan who used to blink in every picture :) Looks like fun!